Get Ready for Sleep: My Detailed Strategy to Fall Asleep On-time, Every Night

Like a “get ready with me,” but for sleeping

Why is it we want to sleep during the day, yet when night comes along it can be so difficult to achieve a great night’s rest?

Here is my strategy for falling asleep around my desired sleep range every night, for the last year (granted, with a couple of exceptions here an there).

Step 1: Make the bed

My bed is typically made first thing in the morning, but look, we’ve all been there before: wake up, don’t make the bed, and procrastinate. An hour becomes 10 or 12 and before you know it, it’s time for bed and it was never made. Either way, the bed must be made before I get into it, no exceptions. This provides a sense of calm, cleanliness, and ease.

Step 2: Tea Time

I usually like eating at night. I’ve always been that way. However, when I eat late at night, I have a noticeably harder time falling asleep, so for the last year or so I have decided to not eat anything 3-4 hours before going to bed. Tea has really helped me in this regard. Aside from the nice taste, I find that tea really satisfies me and helps to curb hunger tremendously at night. My go-to is Sleepytime tea.

I like the packaging and the flavor of the extra strength tea (chamomile). Here’s the link to the variety pack of Sleepytime Tea on Amazon:

Step 3: Freshen Up Before Bed

Next I Brush my teeth, and use mouthwash, I like Tom’s of Maine mint mouthwash because it is cruelty free and has a nice minty taste to it. If you haven’t tried it, I would encourage you to do so and give your opinion. Here’s the link on Amazon:

Step 4: Sleep Formula Capsules

If my body (or mind) is still feeling totally awake one to two hours before my target sleep time, I will take a capsule or two of a natural sleep aid. My preferred option at the moment is Charles Men’s Products Premium Sleep Formula. One or two capsules 45 minutes to an hour before bed is a simple way to help my mind and body get into a restful state.

You can visit Charles Men’s Products website and use promo code ASMR for 15% off your order of any of their products. You can check out their sleep formula by clicking this link:

Step 5: Sleephones, ASMR Content

The final step is to get into bed, put on my Sleephones, and listen to ASMR content that helps me block out the thoughts that are running through my mind. Sometimes I listen to other content creators but in general I prefer ambiance, natural sounds. In particular I love the sound of wind.

I love Sleephones because they do everything headphones and earbuds can’t: they are comfortable while sleeping, stay on, and don’t jam into your ear throughout the night.

You can pick up your own pair of Sleephones by following this link:


What do you think about my sleep schedule? Why not give it a try for yourself and let me know if your results are as good as mine by reaching out to me at